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Lean in and prepare to hear a secret. On the island of Phu Quoc, known for its lightning-fast transformation into Vietnam’s premier tourist destination, there is a sanctuary that will transport you back in time.

La Veranda Resort Phu Quoc, part of the prestigious MGallery collection of heritage hotels by Sofitel, is inspired by the bygone beauty of the past. Set in a passionate revival of a French colonial, seaside mansion, each detail inspires visions of 19th-century charm while maintaining the 21st-century standards of a 5-star Accor hotel.

La Veranda Resort Phu Quoc

Winner of the “Best Luxury Boutique Spa Resort Worldwide” at the 2018 Hotel of the Year Awards and placing #18 among the Top 100 Resorts Worldwide, La Veranda Resort Phu Quoc has already made its mark in the hospitality industry as it wows guests with its impeccable service and island serenity.

The Arrival Experience at La Veranda Beach Resort Phu Quoc

La Veranda Resort beckons guests with whispers of refinement and gentle indulgence. Wander-weary travellers will welcome the touch of lemongrass-scented hand towels and cold bottles of water upon island touchdown before being spirited off in the hotel’s transfer van. The ride only takes ten minutes from Phu Quoc International airport to the resort but those ten minutes of zen make all the difference in the world.

Down a quaint alley where you can glimpse your first sight of the crystal blue waters of the Gulf of Thailand, La Veranda Resort is tucked into a nest of trees, sand and sunshine.

Gracious staff wearing traditional ao dai tunics will greet you and lead you down a stone pathway lined with tropical plants as your bags are whisked off to your room. Whether or not you’ve just stepped off an international flight, you’ll be awed by the singular beauty of the main house where the famous Pepper Tree restaurant and La Veranda’s lounge and bar are located.

La Veranda Resort Phu Quoc

Sit for a moment on the terrace overlooking the pristine beach and the resort’s tropical gardens and enjoy the welcome drink. A work of art in itself, the pale pink cocktail is served in a martini glass filled with coconut water, rose syrup and Simberry wine on the side. Offset by perfect, raspberry-coloured meringues, it is a nice welcome indeed.

Nothing is left to chance at La Veranda resort. The colours, the music, the scents... every detail is planned to create a memorable experience worthy of the 5-star resort’s aristocratic roots.

The History of La Veranda Resort in Phu Quoc, Vietnam

Long before the word mega-resort entered Vietnam’s vocabulary, a woman named Madame Catherine decided to create a romantic refuge by the sea. With a dual connection to France and Asia, Madame Catherine was inspired by the style of Indochina. She selected ceramic tiles with traditional Vietnamese motifs as an ode to her Vietnamese grandmother and French colonial architecture to echo the French roots of her grandfather. The love story between these two ancestors set the course for Madame Catherine’s own journey between France, Cambodia (where the family owns a lucrative fish sauce enterprise) and Vietnam (ancestral home of Madame Catherine’s grandmother).

La Veranda Resort Phu Quoc

More than a century after the founder’s family left Phu Quoc, Madame Catherine returned to this pristine island paradise to create a home worthy of their history. Each evening, guests will receive a bookmark that reveals a new chapter of La Veranda’s enthralling tale along with personalised letters from Madame Catherine herself. As a result, guests will feel as if they are living in the story, part of the resort’s past and future.

Now this mansion has been expanded into a property filled with lush gardens, world-class restaurants, oceanfront villas and manor houses all painted La Veranda’s signature joyful yellow. A soon to be opened wellness centre will join the existing spa to create an oasis of rest and relaxation on this island paradise. La Veranda Beach Resort is the ultimate getaway for world travellers with a passion for history and old-time glamour.

Into La Veranda Resort Phu Quoc’s Storied Rooms

There are no bad rooms at La Veranda Resort. Unlike the accommodations at an anonymous massive resort, each room at La Veranda has its own charm and character. This is one resort that takes the word “boutique” to heart. Madame Catherine herself chose the paint colours in each room, which range from soft lilac to creamy yellow to the clear blue of the Gulf of Thailand. The heritage artwork, furniture created by Vietnamese artisans and dreamy soft bedding adds to the feel of bespoke luxury. For more information about each room category go here.

La Veranda Resort Phu Quoc

Every room has free Wifi, Ipod docking stations, air-conditioning and a turndown service with a boutique turn-down service - a plate of sweets will arrive as if by magic each evening along with information about La Veranda’s special events.

Dine at the Pepper Tree; Dance Under the Stars at La Veranda

Speaking of special events, every night at La Veranda Resort Phu Quoc you will be treated to a different food and beverage experience.

The Pepper Tree restaurant is the crown jewel of the hotel and considered to be the best restaurant on Phu Quoc Island and #4 in all of Vietnam according to TripAdvisor. The restaurant’s wraparound terrace features panoramic sunset views and stunning period artwork that complements the rich jewel tones of the decor. But the real talking point of the restaurant is the award-winning, innovative cuisine that takes fine dining to another level.

La Veranda Resort Phu Quoc

Pepper Tree restaurant hosts special evenings featuring guest chefs, modernised Indochina cuisine and themed tasting menus utilising island ingredients such as the famous Phu Quoc pepper. The restaurant is a stand-alone destination for anyone on the island but for guests lucky to enough to be staying at La Veranda the breakfast buffet is one to remember. Made-to-order eggs in every style, a pancake, waffle and crepe bar, and a glass case filled with freshly pressed juices in every colour of the rainbow are a few of the delectable products on display.

As always at La Veranda Resort you will be treated like a VIP from the moment you arrive at the restaurant. The staff takes pains to remember the names of guests as well as their preferences. If you were seated facing the garden one day you will be sure to have an ocean view on the following day. The gracious servers are always available to top up cappuccinos and to tend to any dietary needs.

Speaking of VIPs, La Veranda resort has a special concept for the all-important mini-guests, who are often the hardest to please. Every restaurant has a V.I.K menu, which stands for Very Important Kids. It is filled with everything to make your tiny travellers happy from perfectly cooked pasta to classic chicken nuggets and fries, La Veranda style.

Le Jardin restaurant is an ideal location for families since its beach terrace spills down to the sand and you can watch your little ones as they play in peace while you have your adult time.

La Veranda Resort Phu Quoc

Le Jardin restaurant also hosts weekly beach BBQ evenings such as their iconic “Sea of Smoke”, which features freshly caught seafood that is grilled to order, a sauce bar for every palate and all the accompanying sides and salads you could wish for. Don’t miss the crepe station for a made-to-order crepes Suzette at the end of the evening.

Le Bar has nightly live music that sometimes spills down to the beach deck. This lounge bar, decked out in deep tones and luxurious art deco details, evokes images of posh gentleman’s clubs from days of old. Make sure to try Le Bar’s bespoke cocktails as you enjoy the sexy sound stylings of the house band.

La Veranda Resort Phu Quoc

Some of La Veranda Resort’s other 5-star boutique touches include complimentary wine receptions in the garden and afternoon tea with sweets and savouries. The tea service is inspired by the beautiful blue and white vintage teapots that Madame Catherine collected over the years to be used as chic receptacles for flowers.

TĨNH Wellness Sanctuary is Set to Become a Destination in Itself

TĨNH Wellness Sanctuary is a major reason to choose La Veranda Resort Phu Quoc over any other resort on the island or in Vietnam. Unlike most resorts in the country that simply offer surface relaxation such as manicures and massages, La Veranda’s Wellness Sanctuary is a one-stop refuge for wellness and repose. Guests who are looking to fully restart their health routine, lose weight or simply have a vacation that includes gentle pampering and feel-good benefits should prioritise a trip to La Veranda’s TĨNH Wellness Sanctuary.

Personalised wellness jouneys are at the heart of TĨNH’s philosophy. Wellness seekers can choose from one of 6 special journeys that target different needs such as the Detox journey, Back to Health, Burnout Recovery, Tension Relief, Spa Indulgence or Beauty & Vitality. The treatments take place in the new Wellness Space that spans 1500 sq metres of space or outside in La Veranda’s natural surroundings.

La Veranda Resort Phu Quoc

TĨNH offers classes to maximise stress reduction, and mindfulness courses such as yoga, tai chi, Vietnamese massage, and meditation. The serene space is the perfect location to get back in touch with yourself through the serenity of nature. This manor house, designed in the same vintage French style as the rest of the resort, also has an attached organic garden; a juice bar (made with organic fruits and veggies); treatment rooms inspired by the elements of earth, water, wood and fire; Swedish steam rooms with hydrotherapy; full spectrum infrared saunas; epic soaking tubs; and a host of other luxuries. The well-trained staff are on call for all your wellness needs.

For more information about La Veranda Resort’s Wellness Sanctuary and Spa click here.

Tips for Staying at La Veranda Resort Phu Quoc

Pack light and flowing beachy-glam pieces to fit into the casually chic atmosphere of the resort. A book or two by Marguerite Duras will get you into the historical spirit while you soak in the calm by the pool or beach.

La Veranda Resort Phu Quoc

Close your eyes and let yourself be transported back to a century earlier when Phu Quoc was an undiscovered gem on a clear blue ocean. The staff at La Veranda Resort will take care of the rest.

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