My first impression of Hue

attractions - Hue: Nov. 1, 2013

After the 15-hour train ride from Hanoi, I arrived in Hue hovered by gray skies on the 12th of November. I stepped outside and there were people from the travel agencies or hotel bringing papers with them bearing names of tourists they had been waiting for. I knew my name wouldn’t be there; I didn’t ask to be picked up. 

Saigon Morin HueThe misty air would tell the rain has just stopped-probably few moments ago-but the atmosphere was still very cool for 10am. There were a lot of taxis and motor taxis (Xe Om) outside the train station and I hired the latter to drive me to Saigon Morin, the hotel where I'd be staying during my visit in Hue.

So my first interactions were with the Xe Om driver and the hotel staff. For me, people from Hue are very accommodating, warm and sincere. You can feel it by the way they say “Xin chao” or “Hello” to you. This I proved right as I would go around meeting more people in my 3-day stay in the city.

As soon as I had settled in, I did my own walking tour. I took the map the hotel had given me and just roamed around the city with it. I had walked past the post office, the schools, the hotels, the banks, the tailoring shops, and the market.

‘First things first’, I told myself. I had to eat! Since Bun Bo has been my top 1 favorite Vietnamese dish, I took the chance to try it in Hue! I'm glad I tasted the original one at Ly Thuong Kiet Street. The food was more spicy compared to the one I always have in HCMC. The noodles were also thinner and the soup-more yellowish. I had another Bun Bo Hue special at the hotel for breakfast the following day, too. No doubt, this food is more delicious in Hue than in HCMC!

The Palace of French Resident

I knew I was going to take loads of photos here as I had read that Hue is full packed with history so I bought an extra memory card for my camera on Le Loi. This street has a lot of hotels ranging from 2-star to 5-star. 

Connected to this street were Chu Van An, Pham Ngu Lao and Doi Cung where you can find cheap guest house accommodations and there are also a lot of restaurants in these areas where many backpackers hang out in the evening. I dropped my laundry at Pham Ngu Lao; it was 20,000 VND per kilo.  Also on Le Loi, a sight made me stop and I took a photo of a historical monument that read ‘The Site of the Palace of French Resident Superior in Central Vietnam’.

Hue citadel

That was just the beginning. I would actually be immersing myself in Hue’s ancient and rich history the following day. I don’t really like memorizing which 1500s or 19 forgotten sort of things but I’m always more fascinated with records of what had happened and why and how. For me, when and where could be Googled anytime but I appreciate people who are very keen on historical dates.

Before going back to my hotel, I had already booked my city tour which would start at 8 in the morning and would go right away to the city’s most visited tourist attraction, the Citadel.

That was about my first day in the city and the next time you visit our blog again, you’d read about 5 most interesting sightseeing activities and Hue and I am sure you’d be delighted to know them and see the photos.
Cover photo by: Upyernoz