Everyone's a Winner at Grand Club Saigon

activities - Saigon/HCMC: July 13, 2018

There’s a secret inside the Grand Hotel. The hotel has been an iconic fixture on Dong Khoi street in Ho Chi Minh City since the 1930s. But what most people don’t know, is that within the building’s stately beauty you can find one of Saigon’s best casinos: the Grand Club.

Grand Club

Open since 2008, Grand Club has a loyal following of players attracted to the thrill of the casino games as well as the generous membership benefits. Pass through the lobby and up the curving staircase to the second floor and you’ll find the casino. From the moment that guests enter, the rhythmic sound of the dealers calling out wins and slots chiming create a soundtrack that pulls the guest out of the dignified calm of the hotel and instantly elevates the excitement. Despite the casino’s modern fixings, the classic luxury of the hotel is still present in the glamourous crystal chandelier on the ceiling and the buttery leather club chairs designed to keep guests in comfort and class as they play.

Grand Club

Casino Games for Every Speed at Grand Club in Saigon

With 32 Roulette stations, 5 Blackjack stations, 10 Baccarat stations and 69 slot machines, there are 116 ways to win big. The casino takes pride in the fact that the game room can accommodate any type of player. According to the management, some people come in looking for the nostalgia of ‘old time’ slot machines, others are seeking fully-automated and state-of-the-art equipment. Regardless of your game of choice, all guests are greeted at the door with top service and smiles from Grand Club’s sexy waitstaff. Once you’re seated in one of the comfortable leather chairs you can relax and wait for the staff to bring you a complimentary cocktail and other drinks while you try your hand with Lady Luck. Free food is also available for players; if you feel the need to repower between games you can peruse the menu filled with Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese and International food options.

Grand Club

Become a Member to Play for Casino Loyalty Points at Grand Club in Saigon

One of the sweetest perks of playing at the Grand Club is the membership program and its benefits. Loyal players can gain points for each game they play. The points can be redeemed for complimentary rooms at the Grand Hotel, spa services at Le Grand Spa, and play vouchers that are valid at Grand Club casino. Members can use their points to spend their day indulging in the steam room, jacuzzi and a deep tissue massage at Le Grand Spa and then finish off their evening with some stylish casino fun. Members can also participate in a lucky draw each week. You’ll just need to show your passport to enter the club and to be eligible for this free service.

The casino is open 24-hours to accommodate serious players or for anyone who has an urge to gamble at any time of day. The Grand Club is the perfect place to come to ease the tension of a long day with friends or to gather your colleagues in Saigon for a bit of team-building fun over casino games and drinks. The festive space is also ideal for events such as birthday or bachelor parties.

Grand Club

Location is Everything and Grand Club is the Casino in the Heart of Saigon

Set in the centre of the city in hotel district, the Grand Hotel is surrounded by posh shopping options, excellent local and international restaurants and the beauty of old Saigon. Whether you come to the Grand Club as a first time player, a loyal member or as a tourist determined to enjoy Saigon to the fullest, Grand Club will make you feel like an honoured guest.

With its smooth, cream-coloured façade topped off with a curved cupola, the Grand Hotel invites passersby to stop and admire its historic colonial architecture. Why don’t you brush up on the rules of Baccarat and to head over to Grand Club to play the best casino games in Vietnam and see more than just the exterior of the hotel. Who knows, perhaps it will be your turn to walk out a winner?

* The Grand Club like all casinos in Vietnam is open to foreign passport holders only. Membership is free.

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