Di Mai Restaurant Grand Opening

activities - Saigon/HCMC: Oct. 31, 2016

The essence of Vietnamese food is always balanced, vibrant, and unbelievably flavorsome. Capella-D1 proudly presents Di Mai Restaurant. Come and explore the culinary journey of authentic Vietnamese flavors set in an open kitchen and a modern, contemporary design.

Set in the heart of bustling Ho Chi Minh City, at the base of Ben Thanh Tower, Di Mai Restaurant offers a place to get away from the madness and enjoy the comforts of Vietnam’s culture and gastronomy. The restaurant’s design is a fusion of modern and traditional Vietnamese styles, and has a vibrant dining room and open street terrace. The menu consists of a blend of street food and home-style cooking from across Vietnam.

Food & Drink

The most unique aspect of our restaurant will be the open kitchens: the salad and banh mi station, the hot kitchen, the dessert station and the bar counter.

The salad and banh mi station sits at the entrance of the restaurant, and has chefs tossing fresh salads in antique bowls, making Vietnamese spring rolls and preparing a selection of regional banh mis. Next to this is the bar counter, which is semi-open and visible from the street and outside terrace. The bar serves excellent classic and Vietnamese-inspired drinks, freshly squeezed juices, a selection of healthy drinks, Vietnamese coffees and teas, blended coffee drinks, regional beers, international wines and our own Di Mai branded wine.

The hot kitchen is in the center of the restaurant. Stir-fried dishes, steamed fish, classic Vietnamese noodle dishes and clay pot dishes will be prepared here. Our kitchen also houses a char-grill and frying station.

Next to the hot kitchen, a separate dessert station features a display fridge full of colorful, traditional and street-style desserts.

Restaurant Design

Coming to Di Mai Restaurant, guests will be stunned by the exciting interior design. Since the concept of traditional Vietnamese cuisine is always associated with rural images, the space is reminiscent of Indochinese design, connected through the historical and cultural elements of three countries: Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia.

A “xe lam” table will sit at the center of the dining room, bringing the feeling of the street and the market deliveries that we see in the city.


Open seven days a week from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m., Di Mai Restaurant is planned to become a regular favorite for diners, accommodating to anyone’s budget. The combination of fresh ingredients, local herbs, minimal use of dairy and oil, and selective spices are the keys to creating a delectable traditional taste; this is culinary ethos of Di Mai Restaurant.

The food will be served family style, where all guests can share among themselves.

With passion and dedication driving the management team, Di Mai Restaurant aims to bring anyone who loves Vietnamese cuisine through its doors and experience their delicious dishes.