Mobile Booking Trends - 2016 Update

accommodation - Saigon/HCMC: May 23, 2016

If your hotel is not utilizing mobile bookings to their full potential, you might be losing out on a large short-term market. While it might be common sense that everything is rapidly moving to mobile, you won’t realize just how important it is until you see the stats. Luckily, a company called Criteo published their latest report on mobile booking trends. We took some of the most interesting stats in the report and created some easy infographics below. Check them out.

Apps seem to account for about half of total mobile bookings, proving their importance to advertisers. Another statistic shows that bookings via mobile in general have doubled from 2014 to 2015.

Smartphone bookings turn out to be more suitable for short-term guests, while longer stays are more likely to be made on a desktop.

A staggering 47% of same-day bookings are made on smartphones, with the number going up to 58% if tablets are included.

21% of bookings are not measured properly, since the final transaction may happen on a different device, rather than on the device that was initially used during the first click.

More people book in the morning on their smartphones than they do in the afternoon.

These eye-opening mobile booking trends prove that hotels in Vietnam must begin to pay careful attention to the devices their guests are using.